6KW Proven turbines


Proven 6
Produces 6kW of power, suited to a wide range of clients. The Proven 6 will supply electricity to a standard 4 – 6 bedroom house (excluding heating), with the potential to sell excess electricity back to the national grid. Schools are using the Proven 6 to generate electricity as well as educate their students, and multiple turbines can be used to power offices or retail units (BP Ser vice Stations).
Technical Specification Sheet
MODEL Proven 6 (6kW)

Cut In (m/s)1 2.5
Cut Out m/s) None
Survival m/s) 70
Rated (m/s) 12
Rotor Type Downwind, Self Regulating
No. of Blades 3
Blade Material Glassthermoplastic Composite
Rotor Diameter(m) 5.5
Generator Type Brushless, Direct Drive,
Permanent Magnet
Battery charging 48V DC
Grid connect with
Windy Boy Inverter 230Vac 50Hz or 240 Vac 60Hz
Direct Heating ac
Rated RPM 200
Annual Output2 6,000-12,000 kWh
Head Weight (kg) 600
Mast Type Tilt-up, tapered, self-supporting,
no guy wires (Taller guyed towers
also available on request)
Hub Height (m) 9 or 15
WT Found (m) 2.5×2.5×1 or 3x3x1.2
Winch Found (m) 1x1x1 or 1.5×1.5×1
Tower Weight (kg) 360 or 656
Mechanical Brake Yes
Noise3 @ 5m/s 45 dBA
Noise @ 20m/s 65 dBA
Rotor Thrust (kN) 10

Marine Build Quality
All machines are manufactured with galvanized steel, stainless steel & plastic components.