Condensing boilers



All Grant boilers are supplied for connection to either a ‘stainless steel’ conventional flue, or one of Grant’s EZ-Fit Flue options. EZ-Fit Flue Kits feature self-sealing ducts which reduce installation time and ensure a perfect seal without the need for mastic or tape. The flue systems are available as low level, high level or vertical kits, for internal and external applications, and even as unique EZ-Flexi Packs, designed to enable condensing boilers to utilise an existing chimney.


Condensing boilers operate at extremely high efficiency levels, producing cool flue gas temperatures, resulting in a ‘plume’ of vapour being visible at the flue terminal. This plume (steam) is a normal condition of condensing boiler operation and indicates that the appliance is working efficiently. As an alternative to a low level balanced flue kit, high level, or vertical kits are available, which moves the plume to a higher level.


All burners are supplied factory set at the stated output for use on standard grade Kerosene – Class C2. Grant Condensing Boilers are not suitable for use with Class D gas oil.


Installation must comply with the current Building Regulations. Comprehensive technical information can be found in the installation manual, supplied with every boiler.


The unique heat exchanger on the Grant Condensing Boiler is covered by a 5-year guarantee. All other component parts of the boiler are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase (excluding consumable items), subject to being installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. On completion of the installation all Grant Condensing Boilers must be commissioned.